Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet banking is already here

Now the workshop participants have opened their own blogs. Links to them can be found on the right. The first postings were just to let them introduce themselves and say some words about the workshop and internet.

But today the topic is free: anything we have been doing, some good, some bad, any expectations, comments to daily news, or of course the not-so-unexpected troubles with the network – especially during the afternoon rush hours when everyone is trying to reach cyberspace at the same time.

Earlier during the day, we visited a number of websites in order to show the kind of internet culture people are living in in some other countries: booking train tickets and flight tickets, trying to buy the ticket to the World Cup qualification match Finland vs. Azerbaijan (maybe sold out), checking the phone number of a Tanzanian professor living in Finland (and watching an aerial picture of his house, a service provided by the phone directory service Eniro), and last but surely not least, reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as ebooks on the site of Project Gutenberg.

Internet banking is already in Tanzania, and probably you can book online your tickets to the cinemas in Nairobi. Google has just updated its map on Dar es Salaam, with all street names there. Nairobi was updated just some months ago.

The point of all this is to show how internet has changed some of the ways how people get their services, search for any issues, both material and non-material. And in the coming days the task will be to see how this affects the environment where any media is operating.

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