Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reflections by the trainers themselves

If you like to read commentaries on what we’ve been doing, please visit the blogs of workshop participants.

Simon Berege, pictured on the right, is reflecting on the discussions we had yesterday on the differences between the numbers of internet users in Kenya and Tanzania. The style is casual and entertaining. Thanks to Eero Mäntymaa for providing the photo.

Aloyce Mohamed has written a very good report on yesterday’s session,
listing a big part of issues we’ve done with nice comments on the value of the workshop for the future journalism training here at Tumaini.

Elie Harindavyi is suggesting that similar workshops as this might be organized also in his homeland Burundi.

Nkirote Mwongera is also giving good advice to the trainer how to package the contents for upcoming workshops.

We also have now three Finnish students joining our class, Eero and Juho, journalism students from the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK) in Turku, and Sunna, a geography student from the University of Joensuu. They have been a great asset, sharing views and coming with good questions and comments.

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